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Margie Smeer Senior editor

VitalSource Bookshelf is defined as an e-textbook platform. It’s an interactive, completely portable application that lets you acquire, download and read e-books with ease.

This powerful application offers three ways of accessing your books: download, online, and mobile. It comes packed with many useful features such as the possibility of using notes and highlights which automatically stay in sync no matter where you create them.
Anyway, there’s still a lot of criticism about functionalities and features that its interface is missing, especially when it comes to the book reading window. For example, it lacks the possibility of properly zooming and rotating the e-books. When it comes to downsides, I was also a bit bothered by the fact that the acquiring of e-books can be done only using an external browser. In my humble opinion, the application should contain a browser itself, so that when the users press "Shop", they would be able to browse the store inside the app's interface and not in an external browser which can already have lots of opened tabs and slow down the system. Anyway, none of these is a truly remarkable disadvantage that couldn’t be eventually ignored. Unfortunately, there’s a downside that could prove to be too important to overlook: this application uses its own proprietary e-book format, the VBK (VitalBook), and doesn’t support any other formats. You can’t use it to buy, download and read ePubs, PDFs or other e-book formats.

Despite all the cons, its portability and synchronization capabilities make VitalSource Bookshelf quite appealing. Anyway, until it fixes its many problems, I can’t yet recommend it.


  • Nice synchronization possibilities.
  • Allows creating, sharing and syncing notes.
  • You can easily highlight topics.


  • The app should contain a browser so that when the users press "Shop", they would be able to browse the store inside the app's interface and not in an external browser.
  • Supports only VitalBooks - the VBK format.
  • Lacks basic reading options such as zooming and rotating.
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trusted DOWNLOAD 85.4 MB

What's new in version 6.2

- Improved Accessibility Support
- Improved ePub support
- Improved MathML Support
- Improved scroll wheel support
- Stability Improvements
- Changed MLA/APA formatting to more closely match standards for digital versions of printed textbooks
- Improved support for High DPI monitors
- Book cover images are automatically downloaded, cached and displayed as thumbnails in the book list for books that have not yet been downloaded
- Remember the size of the Bookshelf window between sessions
- Added country flags to the language preferences UI
- Updated localization files for 16 supported languages
- Added 8 languages: Catalan, Czech, Greek, Icelandic, Irish Gaelic, Thai, Turkish, and Welsh
- Added 5 languages to the installer: Catalan, Czech, Greek, Thai and Turkish
- Various Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Color changes are immediately applied to any open Dash book window when saved by the preferences dialog
- Fixed a bug where search terms didn't get applied to the Bookshelf window from a Bookshelf search link if the Bookshelf window had to be created/opened first

Publisher's description

Vitalsource Bookshelf is a program that allows you to download and read eBooks. The program automatically syncs your notes and highlights automatically, it supports rich media and interactivity so you can watch processes, see implications and better understand the concepts.

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  All comments (13)
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    Guest 4 months ago

    Useless software. Avoid it at all costs.

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    Guest 5 months ago

    This is freaking lousy software! Seriously! Many option tools are missing!

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    Guest 8 months ago

    Is this for Windows PC only, no Mac OS X version?