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VitalSource Bookshelf 5.0

It is not just the e-books viewer software but it is also an e-books organizer
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VitalSource Bookshelf is e-books software from VitalSource technologies. It is not just the e-books viewer software but it is also an e-books organizer or manager. By using this advanced software you can easily read your books and you can also highlights the topics in the books which VitalSource bookshelf will remember for you. VitalSource Bookshelf also gives you the facility to prepare notes. And you can share these notes and highlighted topics of your books with your friends and with other persons if you want to do so. In the VitalSource Bookshelf you can easily manage your all books and notes very easily because it provide you the options to create categories and sub-categories for your different types of books. Here you can also add different types of highlighters for batter management of books and topics. With this useful software you can also view the highlighted topics and notes of other persons and friends who want to share their highlighted topic and notes with you. But in this bookshelf you can only add books in the Vitalsource format from VitalSource and you can not organize your PDF books you already have in your computer with this software.

Manoj Goel
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  • Freeware
  • Options to create categories and sub-categories
  • Options to make different highlighters
  • Option to highlight topics
  • Options to make notes
  • Facility to share notes and highlighted topics with others


  • Works only with VitalSource format books
  • Can’t add existing PDF books
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